Lunch & Snacks

Triple C Camp provides a nutritious morning and afternoon snack each day. Lunch for all campers is USDA approved.

The experience of the Dining Hall at lunch is fantastic. Campers and counselors sit together while eating, chatting, and often singing to the lunch time playlist. We have a nice amount of time for campers to relax and enjoy their meal and the company of their friends.

Food is crucial to a great camp experience and can be a prime concern for parents and campers alike. One way to keep campers energized and happy is having a quality food service operation. We are very active while at camp so we want to make sure our campers are fueled up with healthy options. We spend a great deal of time planning all the menus, testing and selecting the best food choices, and making items available that promote healthy choices.


Growing veggies in the camp gardens!

There is a philosophy we work on every day: “take what you would like to eat, but eat what you take.” We want to challenge the campers to think about and take responsibility for their actions.   We have a composting program that the campers love to participate in, there are incentives for composting performance.  We are working to create environmentally conscious individuals.

We want the campers to try to new items, so if a camper is offered an item and they indicate, no thank you, our staff will follow up with a question. Have you ever tried ‘this new item’? Generally the campers will say no they have not tried it, if they are saying no thank you. So we offer a “Two Bite Try it” portion. Often this little bit of encouragement with no consequences is just the ticket to enjoying a new food, and having a full portion.

Our lunches are based on a two week rotation schedule.  Each meal has a main entrée, locally grown (even from our own camper tended gardens) vegetables and fruits, a variety of lettuce salad with dressing, and a crunch. The salty crunch (chip variety or pretzels) helps to encourage additional water intake.  There is also the option of Peanut Butter &/or Jelly. Seconds are available on the main entrée, and up to thirds on fruits and vegetables.  Drink choices of water and vitamin enhanced, USDA required, complement the meal.

Sample main entrees include: Turkey Burgers, pasta, chicken nuggets, turkey hot dogs, fish, pizza sticks, turkey wraps, corn dog nuggets…Foods kids like to eat.

We do have some campers that have special dietary requirements, and families are welcome to pack a non-refrigerated lunch as well.

Teen Scene (7th-9th grade) campers must bring a non-perishable lunch for days they are out of camp: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Menus are available upon request.

Following a healthy lunch our campers take ownership of their plate, cups and utensils. With the help of the counselors, campers will learn the proper technique to wash, rinse and sanitize their items. All of this is done together as a cabin group and with support to be successful. Our dedicated kitchen staff will give everything an additional once over to ensure cleanliness.    This level of responsibility and learning about using renewable resources vs disposable resources increases our campers involvement in generating less waste.