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Triple C Camp’s normal procedures and how they relate to COVID-19

March 11, 2020

The safety and health of campers and staff is always the highest priority at Triple C Camp. We have always taken great care to develop and maintain medical practices to address a variety of communicable diseases. We believe in being proactive. Every summer we are diligent with camper hygiene education, hand washing, and hydration, while implementing fun along with the education, such as “elbows in the dining hall” vs Hi-5’s… as hands have just been washed prior to coming into the dining hall.

We are diligent with camp’s cleanliness and treat surfaces with appropriate hospital grade germicidal disinfectant cleaners regularly and obsessively. Our current product has been verified by the manufacturer with regard to effectiveness against COVID-19.

In addition to our communicable disease plans being in place we are getting daily updates from our local, state and national public health authorities. We work closely with our local health department and child care licensing agency and strive to maintain proactive effective protocols for the identification of any illnesses that we see in our campers. Our staff are trained to do daily health observation assessments for each camper in their group. Camp will update health and wellness screening policies and procedures to reflect the current best practices recommended by public health authorities.

We will be continually monitoring the status of this situation as summer gets closer. We will proactively communicate with our camp families any updates as new information becomes available.

If you have any additional questions please contact Libby Rothenberg R.N., Owner/Director: [email protected] or 434.293.2529

Get to know Melissa!

April 14, 2019

My childhood memories include long summer days playing outside, laying on my back to watch the clouds float by, and making wishes on shooting stars. A child of the eighties, my brothers and I were often sent outside in the morning and told to come home for lunch. I was the last generation to spend my younger years without the presence of cell phones, tablets, and the internet.

When I was twelve my family sent me to an overnight camp, it wasn’t the first camp I had been to, but it was the first that felt like home. I remember the long drive, the curiosity, and the nerves. I had a hard time standing still while my parents checked me in, and a counselor asked me if I had any questions. I stood a little taller when the staff shook my hand, and introduced themselves to me.

I can no longer pull out the details of that week at camp, but I remember the confidence I felt as I waved goodbye to my parents. I remember the feeling of belonging throughout that week. I remember making new friends, and connecting with staff members that inspired me. And, of course, the overwhelming sadness when I first experienced missing camp at the end of the summer.

I had no idea at the time how much that summer was going to change my life. I spent my school year missing camp, counting down the days, and planning for when I would finally get to head back to camp. It was the place where I felt most comfortable, the place where I felt the most me. When I was a senior in high school I knew I could apply to be on staff for the first time, my Dad drove me four hours one-way for my 20 minute interview, and I spent the next weeks replaying those twenty minutes in my head, anxiously awaiting any news of my future employment. I accepted the job the moment it was offered.

Since then I’ve worked at numerous summer camps and environmental education camps in New York and California, and even started my own Forest School in Wisconsin. I met my husband at a camp, and we got married at a different camp. We’re raising our children at camp. My heart is at camp, it has been since I was twelve.

I believe in the magic of camp, that it’s a safe place for kids to try new things, challenge themselves, and make new friends. I believe that it’s one of the only safe places left where kids are free to be their truest selves, without the distraction of technology, or the pressure of school. We invite kids to be kids, and as a parent of (current and future) campers, that is something that I have dedicated my life to preserving.

I now get to watch my own three children grow up at camp. They thrive in an environment where they are surrounded by positive role models, where they are pushed to try new things, and where their imagination, creativity, and problem solving skills are constantly engaged. As my oldest prepares for his first official summer as a camper, I now get to take on a role I’ve always looked forward to, that of a camper’s mom.

Thanks Mom & Dad, for sending me to camp and starting my lifetime of adventure. That week at camp so long ago, has brought me to Triple C Camp today, where I can continue to share my love of camp, child development, and the outdoors.


Spring Break Camp 2019

April 5, 2019

One of our favorite parts of spring, is Spring Break Camp, and this week reminded us why we love it so much.

For a lot of our campers it was a week of firsts. The first time at Triple C Camp, the first time eating lunch outside, the first time at archery, the first time singing a new song, the first time playing sprout ball. At camp we love those moments, where we’re trying new things, challenging ourselves, and testing our limits, all in a safe environment.

Our week was full of moments, and each camper has different moments and memories that they take home with them. Our Pioneers performed a skit in front of the entire camp. Trailblazers were eager to work together on the challenge course. Explorers and Teen Scene hiked to the top of Kinsers. Each camper left camp today with new memories that are important to them.

Want to find out more about your campers week? Here are some questions that may encourage conversation:

  • How did you help someone today?
  • How did someone help you?
  • What’s the name of a new friend you made? What did you do together?
  • What new game did you learn this week? Why do you like it?
  • What are seed balls? What ingredients did you use?
  • What made you happy?
  • How were you kind today?
  • How was someone kind to you?
  • How did it feel to draw your self portrait?
  • What role did you play during teambuilding activities?

We hope to see you at our Open House on Sunday from 1-4!

Get To Know Max!

March 27, 2019

Hello! My name is Max Myers, Assistant Director at Triple C Camp. I am originally from Columbus, Ohio and attended Miami University where I completed my bachelors in adolescent science education. I have worked in Ohio, the Bahamas, California, Wisconsin (and now Virginia!) providing camp and environmental education programs to youth and adults.

I am a dad, and a husband, a messy cook, passionate about the environment, and have a bunch of other hobbies and perspectives.  But first in my mind when I think of who I am, I see myself as a dad. My entire world view changed when my first child was born. I believe it does for most parents and caregivers when they assume the awesome responsibility of supporting a child as they grow, and find their way in the world.  

As my world view became “dad centric” my perspective about the youth I worked with has also changed.  I was once told to imagine that every camper/student was someone from your own family. How would you want them to be treated?  What experience would you want for them? This sentiment really struck me as a way to be more empathetic and present with campers. It also pulled me towards Triple C Camp, where every camper, parent, and staff member becomes a part of the family.  

At camp I want my kids to be safe and to have fun.  I want magical and joyful experiences. I want them to be challenged to think deeply and do something that might feel scary, knowing they have help and support right there. I want my kids to make friends, and to be good friends. I strive to practice empathy and kindness at all times, and help the children I work with to grow more confident.  At Triple C Camp, we aspire for the safest, most fun and joyful experience possible. We are in the business of youth development, it’s why I chose to work at camp. The safe, fun experiences I want for my children, I want for your children too.

I am not perfect, my kids are not perfect, and I don’t expect your kids to be perfect either. You can expect that everyday I will ask myself, “what would I want for my kids?” and will strive to provide that for every child I get the honor to spend time with.

I am excited to meet you this summer as we partner together to give our kids the opportunity to grow in a safe and fun environment.  You can always give me a call 434.293.2529 or stop by camp to chat, I’d love to hear about your camper!


Meet the Myers Family!

March 15, 2019

The Triple C Camp Family has grown by five, recently welcoming the Myers family to Charlottesville. Max and Melissa (Assistant Directors) join us with their three young children (and future campers).

Jude Myers (age 6) is a kindergartner at Cale Elementary, and Pioneer Camper this summer. His favorite part of camp so far is the creek, where he can get muddy. When Jude grows up he wants to be an engineer.

Rory Myers (age 4) loves to ask questions, paint, and play dolls. She cannot wait to be with the horses this summer, and watch the campers at Colt Camp. When Rory grows up she wants to be a doctor with 100 babies!

Wes Myers (age 8 months) will be celebrating his first birthday at camp this summer. His favorite things about camp are all of the soil to put in his mouth, watching the big kids play, and hearing songs.

The Myers family has been exploring Charlottesville, and is excited to have become a part of this amazing community. They have been working hard to discover the best ice cream in town.  

A Note From Kasey

December 19, 2018

It’s 11am at Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne, Australia and I’m waving goodbye to my parents as I’m about to embark on a flight to the U.S.A. The excitement of a new adventure, and the tough goodbyes all happened so fast, that before I could blink, I was setting off on an amazing journey. My head was filled with excitement and curiosity of the unknown: What’s the food like? Will I make friends? Is everything really bigger in America? The list goes on. These were all questions I had going to camp for the first time. Getting to travel around the globe and spend 3 months at Triple C Camp having the traditional summer camp experience was more than I could have imagined! Stepping outside my comfort zone was only the beginning of wonderful opportunities and personal growth.

Fast forward 6 years and I look back on my journey and how it has positively impacted me, and still continues to do so. Just like a child going to camp for the first time, I experienced many of the same feelings, the excitement and nervousness all wrapped into one. But what reassured me that everything was going to be okay, and that I was going to have an exciting time was the pre camp communications and first few minutes I was welcomed at the airport by Triple C Camp’s owner “H”. With a big smile and solid high five, I felt instant relief and knew that coming to camp was going to be the coolest place. As soon as we arrived, I was greeted by smiling staff, all introducing themselves with a handshake, high five, or hug and looking into my eyes, showing that they cared I was there. This welcoming made me instantly feel part of an awesome community.

First impressions make lasting memories. It is these same first impressions that our staff use to connect with your child not only on their first day of camp, but every day after that. We strive to make your child feel safe and excited to be at camp. We see the benefits, first hand, of building healthy relationships, gaining new skills and having experiences which will be carried into their adult lives. It is all about growth and development. With how fast paced and tech savvy our world is, children are experiencing their world in many different ways. However, coming to camp can help us connect not only with our environment, but with each other. Campers learn to build relationships, use social cues, be expressive, use their creativity, and develop their fine and gross motors skills all in an environment that is safe and fun.

There are many reasons why I am so passionate about camp. Over the past 6 years I have been fortunate to be part of many of your children’s lives and during that time I have grown as an individual. The campers have taught me to better understand people, be more patient and understanding, but mostly how to better connect, build relationships and be a positive role model. A role model that children and adults can look up to, someone who can encourage and support, someone who is respectful, yet fun. I am not perfect (as we know, no one is) and camp continues to teach me every day how to be the best person I can be.

I believe that camp teaches everyone something unique. Leaving camp is always hard no matter how old you are. You always leave a piece of you at camp and finishing up the summer is always bitter sweet. I also experience that feeling of wanting to be back, to learn and grow, and this has continued to be part of me since my first summer at camp. Camp has given me new experiences, skills, understanding of people, created wonderful relationships and I have really gained a passion for the camping industry. Looking back, it’s hard to believe that after my first summer I would continue to return and now make camp my everyday adventure. Coming to Triple C Camp opened my world up to new opportunities and encouraged me to dream big, work hard and love coming to work every single day. Thank you to everyone who has been part of my journey so far and I look forward to new successes in camp for many years to come.

Yours in camping,


November 6, 2018

Camp is about fun, learning, being outdoors, and making friends to last a lifetime! We see these friendships blossom among our campers each summer and watching them continue those friendships for years is worth those hot and humid camp days! And, while this happens for our campers, these friendships also form among our staff.

Each summer, approximately 30% of our camp counselors come from abroad. From countries across the world such as Australia and New Zealand, to a bit closer in Mexico. These staff, along with our staff from the States, work together each day to grow and develop our campers, and while that is happening, they grow and develop friendships among themselves.

As a staff member going on my 13th year, and as a camper for 7 years before that, I have experienced numerous of these friendships, and many continue to go strong to this day. It is because of these friendships, which all started at Triple C, I can travel the world and get to see people, see their culture, and experience their lifestyles! As a matter of fact, as I type this, our Owners and Directors, Libby and “H” are Down Under in Australia and New Zealand with a plan to visit 20+ staff. All of whom have worked at camp over the past 19 summers. (See some photos below!)

Friendships lead to adventure, and adventures lead to lasting memories. At Triple C, we strive to create those adventures and memories for our campers and staff while they are here at camp, and help build those friendships so that those adventures and memories can keep going for years on end.