Our Staff




Sarah Adair 

 Sarah is a Roanoke College Grad who is currently working as a Teaching Assistant and After-school teacher. She is originally from Connecticut but has lived in the Charlottesville area for two years. She enjoys fencing, soccer, basketball, hiking, backpacking and s’mores!

Sophie Adams

Sophie is a student at VCU studying Environmental Science and Biology.  She loves spending the summer at Triple C! She is excited to be climbing and zipping all summer with Challenge Course!

Lexus Anderson 

Lexus is a Elementary Education Degree holder. She is a pineapple and cactus lover and excited to be spending her summer at Triple C! She brings her contagious smile everywhere she goes.

Nicole Barber 

Nicole lives on a small farm in England. She loves horse riding and traveling. She has a passion for baking.  She is excited for her summer adventures at Triple C!

Gavin Belling 

Gavin is looking forward to spending his first summer as a staff member at Triple C! In his free time he enjoys Crew, playing basketball and going fishing!

Jenny Belling 

Jenny is involved in the Pre-Med Scholars program, the President’s Leadership Program, Pre-Dental Club, volunteering at Girls Inc. in Hampton, VA. Outside of camp she loves to be outside, playing softball, and spending time with friends and family!

Julie Belling 

Julie will be entering graduate school in the fall at West Chester University  to earn her Masters in Social Work. When she is not at camp, she enjoys archery, kayaking, gardening, and swimming. She has also been a certified Lifeguard for 7 years.

 Travis Brown 

He is currently a physical education major at a Johnson State College. In the winter you will find him working as a children’s ski instructor. In his free-time he enjoys being outdoors fishing, kayaking, paddle-boarding and climbing. He loves learning and playing new instruments, currently he plays guitar, mandolin and banjo!

Jordan Burnett  

 Jordan is a bubbly girl from New Zealand! She has a strong love for cheese burgers. She loves to spend time with family and friends! Jordan is spending her first summer at camp with the pool team!

Anna Camper 

She has just finished her second at the University of Mary Washington, ‘AK’ is doing a double major in Math and Computer Science. She has spent the year with her rowing team, and is excited to get back to camp for the summer!

Orlando Canto 

 Orlando is a proud Mexican who wants to be an Environmental Engineer. He enjoys playing soccer with his older brother on Sundays! Orlando will be keeping camp in great condition this summer as part of the maintenance team.

Robin Carr 

2nd year staffer Robin has made his way back over the pond from Scotland to join Triple C! He is a key contributor to the camp program as well as the Staff SOCA League team. Back home, he  enjoys sports and fitness and is a fully qualified Football Referee (soccer).


Hannah Ciucias 

A veteran staff member with 4 years under her belt, Hannah is returning for another summer at Triple C. From Fluvanna County, Hannah enjoys seeing our campers when she is in the community. Outside of camp she keeps herself busy by studying to be an athletic trainer in sports medicine!

Hailey Cook 

Hailey is excited to be spending her first summer as a Counselor at Triple C. As a former camper she knows the ins and outs of camp. Her favorite color is purple and she has a pet goldfish called Jeffery!

Richard Copeland 

Richard is studying English Literature in Liverpool at John Moore’s University. He has a passion for soccer and cheers with pride for Manchester United. He has a passion for exploring new places. He enjoys reading and expanding his imagination!

Aoife (Efa) Crotty 

It’s a long way to Tipperary… Ireland that is! Aoife has made that journey, again to join the team this year. She has spent the last year in France, teaching English. She has also had some time to travel all around Europe. Aoife is keeping the riding program safe this summer.

Jenna Czerwinski 

Jenna is from beautiful southern California! She is a Psychology Major at Liberty University. She loves adventure and exploring. In her free time she likes to read and paint. Her guilty pleasure is SciFi, and she is excited to have an awesome summer!

  Henry Davies 

Henry enjoys to performing and listen to jazz music. He likes to play soccer and describes himself as ‘the loudest person you will ever meet!’ With a long history as a camper at Triple C, he is super excited to be part of the staff team.

Vickkey Dickens 

Most people know this girl as Giggles because she LOVES to laugh! A special education teacher during the school year, Vickkey is excited to be back for her second season at Triple C this summer. She loves being outdoors, on the ropes course and challenging herself to try new things. Vickkey supports our Ropes Course programs year round.

Stacey Farnill 

Stacey is looking forward to her first summer at Triple C. She has a degree in Crime Scene Science (just like CSI!)  and intends to return to her British University in September. Her photography and video skills will be keeping all our camp families updated during the camp days.

Abigail Faust 

A camper at Triple C since she was 6 years old, Abby is now a second year staff! Her passions are science, outdoors exploration and photography. She is an avid volleyball player and team swimmer.


Hannah Freeman 

Hannah joins the team  for the first time this summer! She loves to swim and play volleyball. Outside of camp she likes to spend time with her family and friends. Dogs and Christmas lights make her super happy!

Daga Gladys 

All the way from Poland, Daga has made the trip back for another summer and will be working with the horses again this year! Ask her about the 5 languages she knows! Apart from horses, she is a self-proclaimed bookaholic and enjoys music and the outdoors.

   Nina Goodkin

Nina loves to be outdoors. Her adventures across the US have given her a full portfolio of skills. She also like to play squash and go for long runs. She is excited to be joining the Triple C team this summer!


Sophie Grace 

Sophie is considering Education, Sociology or Political Science as a major when she transfers in the fall. She is motivated by challenges and fun and sees being a camp counselor as an exciting experience and opportunity!

Tom Greenwood 

A very outgoing and happy personality, we’re happy to welcome Tom for his 3rd Triple C summer! He loves sports and his energy brings healthy competition to the game. His Welsh accent keeps everyone laughing.


Alex Guinn 

She has grown up all over the US and spent 5 years in Italy and Bahrain. She loves animals, hiking, and spending time outside!


Megan Harris 

Megan  graduated from The Curry School at UVA  with her degree in Elementary and Special Education. She is currently a special education teacher in Fairfax County VA, and loves the outdoors, playing sports and reading. It’s certainly exciting to have her back at Triple C!

Jessica Hatcher 

Jessica is a second year Masters Programs Student at UVA. She has lived in three countries and moved twelve times! She loves cats, art, being outdoors, and tie dye patterns.


Liz Higdon 

Liz was born in Baltimore, and has lived up and down the east coast! She is a rising third year at the University of Virginia, studying Creative Writing and Elementary/Gifted Education. She hopes someday to be an International School Teacher. In her free time you will find her writing, playing board games, and hanging out with her dog! Her dress up Wednesdays are sure to excite.

Triana Hughes 

Triana is an exciting addition to the Triple C team this summer. She is very friendly and hardworking. She is looking forward to every  moment of camp. You will also see Triana at the 5th Street Stn. bus location as part of our great bus captain team.

Benjamin Hurt 

Benjamin has been a camper at Triple C his whole camp age life, and is very excited to be a counselor this year! He loves computers and the technology that is behind them! He often has the best bed head at camp.


Henry Keith 

Henry is a 3rd year staff member, excited and ready for camp! He will be joining the staff team after a jaunt to the Galapagos in June. He is very energetic and loves all things Triple C! A veteran at camp he brings a smile to the day like no other. Keeping clean while playing in the creek is a special skill of Henry’s.


Esti Koncsar  

Esti is from Hungary, and at University she studies management and leadership. She is a sports enthusiast and loves to both watch and play. Her favorite sport is basketball, which she has played since she was a child! Esti is joining the Kitchen staff team this year at Triple C!


Emily Kostanecki

Emily grew up in Charlottesville and knows camp well! She was a camper herself for 8 years and this is her 6th summer as a counselor. While attending Georgetown University she studies hard..during camp her favorite activities are attending the Triple C soccer matches, playing in the rain, meeting new people and proudly sporting the color PURPLE!


Eliza Lane 

Eliza is studying elementary education, and plans to be an elementary teacher. She loves to bake, going to the theater and all things craft!

 Terri LaRue 

Returning for her 7th year it’s Terri! She has graduated from the University of Mary Washington with a BA in English and is staring at the UVA Curry School of Education in the fall. She is super excited to be back singing with the campers this summer!

Sam Lewis 

Sam loves to play sports. He loves to play baseball and has been playing for nine years. Its his first year as a counselor at Triple C but he has many camper years to his credit. He looks forward to sporting it up with the campers!


Paige Lloyd

From a small town in New Zealand, Paige loves the beach and the water. This is her first summer at Triple C and she excited to get to know all the children. Paige specializes in teaching swim lessons and is a Lifeguard.

Cat Maguire 

A science and nature geek her whole life, Cat returns as our Nature specialist! She loves adventures and has driven in all 48 contiguous US states. This woman eats EVERYTHING except raw onions! Cat is an integral part of our year round camp team.

 Kasey Massih 

From the land down under,  and returning to Triple C for her 5th summer is Kasey! She’s back this summer as a Program Director! In addition to  horses, she loves travelling, eating chocolate and sing-a-longs.

Steve McCann 

Coming back from Scotland for his 3rd summer…. Steve McCann. His favorite sport is soccer and we’re excited to see all his skills back on the field for the staff games. On a recent holiday, Steve acquired qualifications that enable him to scuba dive down to 30 meters anywhere around the world.


Will Mews 

For summer two…he is the Giant of the Golden Giants. Will loves exploring the great outdoors and learning about natural sciences! He can count to ten in 5 different languages, and is a yoga enthusiast. He is looking forward to having tons of fun this summer with all the children at Triple C Camp!

Emily Missana 

 She’s known for her soccer skills on the field – everybody meet Emily! Her soccer prowess in known around the world as she has traveled far and wide on soccer teams. She was part of The Edge group and is returning for her second summer as a staff member! Outside of camp she is likely to be hanging out with friends and family.


Mary Moffett 

Mary is very athletic, bubbly, and creative. She loves to travel, do crafts and hang out with her friends and family. She is looking forward to spending the summer here at Triple C camp! Mary has many years of camp experience, this being her first as a staffer.

Teagan O’Brien 

Teagan is currently enrolled at the University of Virginia where he is  studying Environmental Science. He loves to be active and enjoys soccer and golf! He has recently found a passion for mountain  biking and rock climbing! We are happy to welcome Teagan to the team.


Cazzie Olko 

Cazzie,  back for his second summer, has just finished his sophomore year at Christopher Newport University majoring in jazz studies. He loves to surf, hike, fish and play lots of music.


William Patrick  

Back for year two, Will is a a Senior Graphic Design Major attending Radford University. A self proclaimed nerd, he loves animation, cartoons and video games!

Asia Pecyna 

Pronounced Aasha, she is a Polish Law student who loves to cook and eat. She is joining Triple C for the first summer. She is joining the kitchen staff team and dazzling us with her cooking skills.

 Tom Porter  

Tom joins Triple C for the first summer from England! He loves to travel and meet new people. He loves his homeland sport of soccer and is also a Chicago Cubs fan.


Ellen Ralph 

Ellen has come from Ireland for her 2nd summer at camp! Back home she has recently completed her degree in Primary School Teaching.  Se enjoys arts and crafts, reading and occasionally horse riding. This summer Ellen returns as the Arts and Crafts Specialist at Triple C!

Nick Reeder 

Nick has been coming to camp for his entire life! This year will be his first year as staff! He loves all things soccer and GOLD!

Layne Rickabaugh 

Layne is a student at James Madison University studying to become an elementary school teacher. He loves eating soft pretzels and cereal, hiking, and talking with people about life!


Andy Riddler 

One of the youngest finishers of the 2014 Richmond Marathon we welcome back Andy ‘Puddin’ Riddler to camp for his 4th staff summer. He LOVES his sports – anything from basketball to hockey! He is an honor student at VCU with a major in chemistry!

Molly Riddler 

Molly has been a camper at Triple C for 11 Years and is looking forward to her first year as a counselor. She loves engineering, math and reading! In her free time she likes to go running with her friends or riding at her barn.


 Jen Schnelle 

A graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BS in Zoology and English. She has been working at Jack Jouette Middle School since graduating. She plans to go back to school in the fall to pursue a Masters of Teaching at Curry.This year is her 4th  year on staff!


Corrie Shellnutt

Corrie just graduated from Curry School with an Elementary ESL Education. A few of her favorite things are, Bulldogs, contemporary art, vegetarianism, creativity, and hikes!

Nate Smith 

Nate is a competitive swimmer year round. He has been coming to Triple C since kindergarten, and is looking forward to his first year on the staff team! He loves to sing camp songs, and roast marshmellows.

Bill Southern  

Bill is back for his 2nd year at Triple C. At home in England, Bill studies Geography at the University of Manchester. He loves soccer and loves to follow his team Liverpool!


TJ Spencer   

TJ is a really athletic person, and loves to spend time outside. As a lifeguard he loves to spend time by the pool. TJ is a C’ville native who attends George Mason University.

Cameron Stegura  

Cameron is outgoing and energetic, with a positive attitude. His favorite hobbies are playing soccer, running and spending time with his friends! Cameron’s older brother was also on staff at Triple C.

Joe Stell  

Joe is spending his first summer at Triple C Camp at the pool! His dream car is either a VW Camper van or a bright yellow truck! His favorite place in the world is Hawaii, even though he has never been! He was born to teach swim lessons and surf.

Rohan Sultana  

Aussie pride shines through with this 2nd year returner! Ro comes from Melbourne and loves all things sport including football and snowboarding! He is a very outgoing person who enjoys a good laugh with his mates!


John Trossi  

 John is a student at  Longwood University studying to be an elementary school teacher. He is a musician and artist. His favorite sports are favorites are swimming and Frisbee.

Rachael Van Clief  

Rachael loves to be outdoors. She enjoys riding horses and going swimming. She is a veteran in the overnight camp world. We are thrilled to have her bring new songs and games into our day camp world.

Ellis Williams  

Ellis is joining Triple C for the first time this summer, all the way from England! He is in his final year at university,  and in his spare time enjoys playing football with his friends. This summer Ellis is the sports specialist.

Adam Yates  

  Adam is from a small town near Manchester, England. He is an avid soccer fan and player. He is a massive Liverpool and Green Bay Packers fan!

 Travis Yuille  

He is a master on the challenge course and at impersonating a South African, oh wait, he IS a South African! He is back for his 7th summer at Triple C and is a Program Director! Back home Travis is an adventure guide loving his zip lines, mountain scooters and river rafting and anything that raises the heart beat.

Counselors from all over the world

Since 1999 we have been working with dedicated and enthusiastic staff including international staffCollege students, educators and coaches who come from across the United States and around the world. The diversity amongst our staff makes fantastic learning experiences for our participants. What makes us different or the same is a lesson for anyone, young or old. Come play with us!

Learning to be great counselors


At Triple C, our staff are our most valuable resource. Many return each year domestic and abroad. Chosen for their expertise and maturity, our staff are committed to helping every camper enjoy their days and grow as individuals during their experiences at Triple C Camp.

Staff spend a full week learning all that makes Triple C Camp special.  Risk Management, safety procedures, positive discipline, creek time, the ropes course, soccer dodge ball, chill out time, and so much more. Our staff have the opportunity to experience an overnight in the same format as our campers.

The experiential component of our training week make for a great understanding of the growth and developmental needs of our campers.

Safety & screening

Safety is the most important thing at camp. Since our staff are the key to the success of the summer, preparing and training our staff is of the utmost importance.

Every staff member goes through a detailed interview process which includes an application, phone interview, in person interview, reference checks, back ground checks, follow up interview questions and a visit to the property to meet in person when and where possible.

Resumes often indicate skill sets which must be demonstrated and evaluated to camp leadership before participating or leading our campers.

We believe that children are the most important thing in their parents lives and we take the responsibility of being a staff member at Triple C seriously, with a lot of FUN!

Once meeting Triple C staff, you will quickly realize the high caliber of person that is caring for and helping grow and develop your child. If there is ever a time that you would like to know more about our hiring process, please never hesitate to call and ask: 434.293.2529 or email: [email protected]

Interested in Becoming a Counselor?

If you have experience working with children or in the Great Outdoors, this could be the perfect job for you. We are outside all the time! We play, develop, and grow right along with our participants.

Come be a part of the team!

Learn More About Being a Counselor