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Meet Our Counselors!





Bryant Atkins

I’m currently studying Business Administration at Mary Washington.  I have spent most of my childhood at camps within the BSA and I’m excited to be joining the Triple C staff.


Gavin Belling

I’m currently enrolled at Western Albemarle High School. I’m a rower for my high school’s crew team. In my free time I like to play basketball and go fishing. I’m happy to return to Triple C Camp!


Jenny Belling

I am working towards a major in Organismal Biology with a minor in Leadership Studies.  Currently I’m involved in the President’s Leadership Program and volunteering at Girls Inc. I love being outside, playing softball, and spending time with friends and family!


Maggie Butters

I’ve been playing soccer since I was a kid. Once when I was the goalie I got scored on 14 times but nevertheless, I persisted and improved!  I am excited to be working with the campers at Triple C this summer!


Anna-Kathleen Camper

I’m currently studying Computer Science and I love cotton candy! I’m happy to be returning to camp this summer, and look forward to seeing all of my former campers.


Daniela Canela

I love animals, family and friends. I practice Taekwondo and I would love to travel the world.  This summer I am excited to keep camp clean and support in the kitchen.


Orlando Canto

I am currently working towards an Environmental engineer major. My older brother and I like to play soccer, and I am excited to be on the camp soccer team again this year. I am from Mexico, and love my country!


Robin Carr

I’m a fun loving guy and I’m hard working. I enjoy anything to do with sports and fitness. I’m also a fully qualified soccer referee.  This year I will be spending 18 months at Triple C!


Hannah Ciucias

I’m attending VCU and studying History and Political Science. I’m excited to be back at Triple C Camp and am excited to meet the new staff and campers!


Hailey Cook

I’m currently enrolled in Murray High-School. My favorite color is Purple and I have a pet goldfish named Jeffery!  I am looking forward to my second summer on staff and working in the kitchen!


Kayla Coursey

I’m currently studying Sociology and Creative Writing at Roanoke College. I’m passionate about self-expression, good stories, succulents and my squash garden.  I love being outdoors and am looking forward to my first summer at Triple C.


Christopher Cromer

I’ve worked with Triple C Camp for several years and I’m very excited to be returning to camp for another summer of fun.  I will be driving the bus and spending quality time with Teen Scene out and about on field trips.


Darby Delaney

I study Media Studies and English Literature at UVA. I love gymnastics, 80s college rock music, the outdoors, post-apocalyptic novels, and film!

Hector Duncan

I love to travel and learn about new cultures all around the world! This is my first time to the United States, and I am excited to be working at camp.  One of my favorite hobbies is eating, which is why I am excited about working in the kitchen.

Darya Evans

I was adopted from Russia but have lived in Virginia all my life. I’m currently studying at Virginia Tech working towards an Animal and Poultry Sciences Major, and am looking forward to a summer at camp!


Joe Evans

I love to be outside playing sports, especially soccer. I love nature, walks, bike rides and looking at all of the wildlife around. Being in the outdoors makes me happy!


Abigail Faust

I like Science, being outside, playing volleyball and I am a varsity swimmer. I’ve been a Triple C Camper on/off since I was 6. I also enjoy photography with my brand new camera!


Mary Fitzpatrick

I was a music major in Pittsburgh but decided to come back to Virginia to study nutrition! I was adopted from Taiwan and I love plants and animals.


Paulette Freed

I’m semi-retired but I love helping the kids get started with their families. I have a great husband that is letting me be here with my grandson for five months this summer!


Hannah Freeman

This is my second year working at Triple C Camp! I’m currently enrolled at Madison Country High School. Outside of camp you can find me traveling with my friends or exploring nature with my puppy.


Leah Gillespie

Some of my hobbies include hiking, knitting, sewing, cooking, running, and rowing. I’m currently at George Mason University studying Government and economics. I have a dog named Cookie and two cats named Baby and Nala.


Sophie Grace

I’m currently enrolled at James Madison University studying sociology with a Nonprofit minor. This will be my second year at Triple C Camp and I am super excited to come back to see my campers and co-counselors!



Alexander Green

I love experiencing new ways of life!  I am looking forward to working with the campers this summer and meeting all of the amazing staff!


Jake Gunns

I am an active person who likes to be outside. Whether it be playing a sport or going on hikes in the Blue Mountains in NSW, Australia. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family as well.


Megan Harris

I recently graduated from the University of Virginia with a teaching degree in elementary and special education. I am currently a special education teacher in Fairfax, Virginia. I love being outdoors, playing sports, and reading.


Jessica Hatcher

I am an English ESOL teacher! I’ve lived all over the world and love spending time outside, making cool things, and reading books.


Isabel Hegerl

I love to have fun outdoors and work with the animals around camp! This summer I am looking forward to meeting all of the Colt Campers!


Elizabeth Higdon

I’m currently working towards a Creative Writing and Elementary/Gifted Education degree. I hope to someday be an international School Teacher. In my free time, I love to write, play board games, and hang out with my dog.


Emma Hopkins

I’m outgoing and I love to hang out with my friends and go on adventures. I’m supper excited for this summer at camp and I’m excited to make lifelong friendships!


Benjamin Hurt

I’ve been a Triple C Camper practically my whole life and was a trailblazer counselor last summer. I am very excited to return. I have always loved the outdoors but I also love computers and the technology.


Leah Johnson

I’m looking forward to helping the children in having a great experience! I have a lot of personal experience with horse riding and have a diploma in equine care, specializing in dressage.


Emily Kostanecki

I’m from Charlottesville and a current student at Georgetown University. I was a camper at Triple C for eight years and this is my seventh summer as a counselor. I love going to Triple C soccer matches, and playing cello!


Eliza Lane

I just graduated from UVA with my masters in elementary education and psychology. I’m a teacher and I love empowering kids! This is my second summer at Triple C Camp. I enjoy baking, crafting, movies, boy bands, and yoga!


Terri LaRue

I’m currently in the second year of my PGMT program at the Curry School of Education. I’m looking forward to my eighth summer at Triple C Camp as a counselor!


Sam Lewis

I love to play sports; my favorite sport is baseball. I’ve been playing for 10 years. I currently play for Monticello High School.  This will be my second summer on staff, and I am looking forward to meeting all of my campers.


Morgan Lilly

I’m currently enrolled at Monticello High School. I love swimming and soccer and I can’t wait to work with the Triple C crew!


Georgia Lycett

I’m studying at University in England. I study art and have always loved horses. My dream in life is to travel and experience new cultures, I cannot wait for camp and meeting everyone!


Cat Maguire

I have been a science and nature geek my whole life. I enjoy reading, being outside, having adventures, and food. I enjoy watching thrilling movies and reality TV cooking shows.


Rian Maguire

I love music and gaming. I enjoy the outdoors and horseback riding. I love being with kids and all their enthusiasm. My favorite thing to eat and cook is steak.


Kasey Massih

I come from the “Land Down Under” and have returned to Triple C for my sixth summer! My passions include camping industry and having the chance to impact lives of children and adults, jumping out of planes, food, music, and new experiences and traveling the world.


Reece Mckee

I’ve been coming to camp my entire life and have always wanted to be a counselor. I love running and playing soccer, as well as hanging out with friends.


William Mews

I love having fun outdoors and getting lots of exercise. I practice yoga daily and I’m an RPG nerd. I am looking forwards to having tons of fun this summer with all the children and staff at Triple C Camp!


Sarah Miller

I’m currently a college student and I adore horses! In the future I’m going to become a Coast Guardian. I am super excited to work with the Triple C team!


Emily Missana

I am currently going to Albemarle High School and I love to play travel soccer. When I go to college I want to major in Kinesiology. This will be my thirteenth summer at camp and my third on staff and I can’t wait for an amazing summer!


Charlotte Montgomery-Smith

I’m from Wirral in England and I’m currently at University studying business. I am looking forward to meeting new people and working with kids!


Haley Moore

I’m from Danville, Virginia and I’m currently working towards my M. ED in School Counseling at UVA. I’m a big fan of cats, potato based foods, and being outside.


Bridget Olson

I’m currently enrolled at Virginia Tech working towards a Major in Creative Technology, and Minoring in Art History and Computer Science. I love art, animations, scuba diving, and filming.


Tom Porter

I love sports, I am an avid traveler to foreign lands to experience the difference in culture and enjoy meeting new people. Looking forward to working with Triple C for my second summer!


Andy Riddler

I am in my second year at VCU where I am a Journalism major. I am super excited to be back for my fifth summer on staff here! In my free time I like to tell jokes and explore the city of Richmond!


Molly Riddler

I really enjoy running with my friends, engineering, reading, and math. I have been a camper at Triple C for eleven years and am super excited to continue as a counselor.


Ryan Rothenberg

I have been at camp for twenty years and this is my sixth year as a staff member. I completed my education at Alderleaf Wilderness College where I study outdoors education, wilderness survival, Permaculture, sustainability, and primitive living skills.


Helena Scutt

I love the outdoors and being active, I especially like playing badminton and running. I have also recently gotten into salsa. I always try to be open, positive and have fun!


Nathan Smith

Currently in high school and I’m a year-round competitive swimmer. I have been coming to Triple C Camp since I was in kindergarten and I’m very excited to work here again this summer.


Abigail Solomon

I love new adventures and coming up with exciting new fun ideas and activates for the kids. I’m super friendly and easy going person.


Bill Southern

I’m studying Geography at University here in Manchester and have loved every minute of it so far! This will be my third summer at Triple C and I am really excited to come back and have a fantastic summer!


Rohan Sultana

I’ve lived in Australia my whole life. I’m a very outdoorsy, sporty, and outgoing person! I’m very excited to work with Triple C.


Grace Sweeney

I’m a substitute teacher from lower Bucks Country, PA, certified in music. My hobbies include singing, cooking, baking, fitness, and playing guitar, piano, and clarinet. This is my first summer at Triple C, and I’m thrilled to be on board!


Maggie Turner

I’m from Indiana/Illinois and I’m currently studying at University of Virginia, working towards my major in Biology and Religious Studies. Happy to be outside and working with kids!


Dorina Uphues

I’m from Germany and I’m a pretty outgoing and fun person. I love being outside during the summer time and in the water. I’m studying political science and to relax I like to read or play the piano.


Ellis Williams

I’m from Worthing in England and I’m currently enrolled in University. In my spare time I like to play football with my friends! I’m very excited to work with the staff and kids at Triple C Camp.


Adam Yates

I’m from a small village just outside of Manchester. I’m a big Liverpool Football Club fan going to most games. I am also a big football fan as you’ll find on this side of the pond, with my team being the Green Bay Packers!

Counselors from all over the world

Since 1999 we have been working with dedicated and enthusiastic staff including international staffCollege students, educators and coaches who come from across the United States and around the world. The diversity amongst our staff makes fantastic learning experiences for our participants. What makes us different or the same is a lesson for anyone, young or old. Come play with us!

Learning to be great counselors


At Triple C, our staff are our most valuable resource. Many return each year domestic and abroad. Chosen for their expertise and maturity, our staff are committed to helping every camper enjoy their days and grow as individuals during their experiences at Triple C Camp.

Staff spend a full week learning all that makes Triple C Camp special.  Risk Management, safety procedures, positive discipline, creek time, the ropes course, soccer dodge ball, chill out time, and so much more. Our staff have the opportunity to experience an overnight in the same format as our campers.

The experiential component of our training week make for a great understanding of the growth and developmental needs of our campers.

Safety & screening

Safety is the most important thing at camp. Since our staff are the key to the success of the summer, preparing and training our staff is of the utmost importance.

Every staff member goes through a detailed interview process which includes an application, phone interview, in person interview, reference checks, back ground checks, follow up interview questions and a visit to the property to meet in person when and where possible.

Resumes often indicate skill sets which must be demonstrated and evaluated to camp leadership before participating or leading our campers.

We believe that children are the most important thing in their parents lives and we take the responsibility of being a staff member at Triple C seriously, with a lot of FUN!

Once meeting Triple C staff, you will quickly realize the high caliber of person that is caring for and helping grow and develop your child. If there is ever a time that you would like to know more about our hiring process, please never hesitate to call and ask: 434.293.2529 or email: [email protected]

Interested in Becoming a Counselor?

If you have experience working with children or in the Great Outdoors, this could be the perfect job for you. We are outside all the time! We play, develop, and grow right along with our participants.

Come be a part of the team!

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