About Triple C

Philosophy & Mission

Triple C Camp is about adventure, friendship, fun, discovery, and challenge. It is a safe place where independence is fostered and trying new things is encouraged.

We believe in the “Challenge by Choice” philosophy. Our staff are trained to encourage all campers to participate in all programs offered. However, some campers do not feel comfortable in all settings – at Triple C they have the option to participate, observe their group, or make special arrangements with the Director’s consent. The activities are designed with the campers in mind so that all can have a safe, fun summer.

MISSION: Triple C Camp exists to provide children a safe, fun, experience in a traditional camp environment. Everyone at Triple C learns about themselves as well as working with others, all while creating positive lifelong memories.

Triple C Camp’s Chart of Organization



Triple C Camp was not always called Triple C, nor do the C’s stand for Charlottesville’s Challenge Course, or the Conservation Core.  Keep reading to learn more about the camp we know and love!

Camp Viewmont was founded on what we now call Triple C Camp in 1951 by the Baptist Church of Richmond.  The idea was to get the children out of the city and find a place in the woods that would be a great escape from the day to day grind of the Richmond City atmosphere.  Programs included swimming in a spring field swimming pool which is now the lower field, horse back riding and overnight stays.  Yes, Camp Viewmont was an overnight camp and why we are fortunate to have cabins, a dining hall and other traditional facilities that often are only found at residential camps.
Mostly for girls during the 30+ year history with the Baptists there were some boys programs too.  If you went to Camp Viewmont, or know someone who did, we would love to meet them, and learn more about the historical aspect of the facility and program.

In 1984 the Moore Family bought the camp from the Baptist Church. The camp continued as Viewmont till 1989.  The Moore’s organized similar programming for the overnight community and did a bit of day programs till they sold the camp to the Charles’ family in 1989.

Rick and Pat Charles changed the name from Camp Viewmont to Triple C Camp which stands for Camps and Cottages of Charlottesville.  Rick and Pat changed the camp to a day camp, bought buses and transported children to and from Charlottesville.  Pat’s program experience along with Ricks business savvy allowed them to operate the camp for ten years and see thousands of local children enjoy the outdoors just outside of Charlottesville.  In the fall each year they operated a Pioneer Program to get young pre K and Kindergarten children the opportunity to come to camp. This was the beginning of what is now a long history of year round camp programming at Triple C.

Libby and “H” Rothenberg were fortunate enough to meet Rick and Pat in the fall of 1999 and moved to Charlottesville to buy the camp in December of ’99. Everything happened very fast which was great for Libby and “H” as they already had 11 years of day and overnight camp experience in the midwest working for private and not for profit camps.  In ’99 their daughter Eryn was eight and son Ryan was two.  Now, Libby and “H” have not only continued to operate the summer day camp with overnights each Thursday, but host over 200 days of year round camp programming through Charlottesville’s Challenge Course and Green Adventure Project.  It is a top priority for Libby and “H” for children to learn from and with each other while experiencing the outdoors.   In addition to 300+ children and 70+ staff at camp during the summer most weeks, camp hosts 200+ groups each year during the year round experience.  School groups, sports teams, corporate groups, youth groups, boy/girl scouts and home school children all enjoy the 35+ beautiful acres in southern Albemarle County and guided by experienced staff.

To learn more about the history of camp, or to share your experiences, please call 434.293.2529 or email [email protected] to share your story, or ask your questions.  We love hearing from and talking with our alumni.