Tutoring Services



Triple C is pleased to partner with Tutor Doctor to offer private in-camp tutoring at competitive rates. Tutor Doctor, a locally owned company that provides professional one-to-one, in-home tutoring.  Tutoring is available during the camp day with minimal camp interruption, as we do our best to maneuver around a camper’s favorite activities. Please contact Tutor Doctor directly if you are interested in lessons for your camper. Phone: 434-422-3596, Email: [email protected]. Offerings include reading, math, and scholastic fundamentals. www.tutordoctorcharlottesville.com.

The tutor for Summer 2016 is Ryan Szymanski! Here is what people are saying about him:

“As the parent of a teenager who has needed tutoring in math for the past two years, I am sufficiently impressed by Ryan Szymanski that I am compelled to recommend him without reservation.  He has been a great role model for my child, who admires both his confidence and his kindness; in fact, we’ve asked him to stay for dinner on several occasions because we are comfortable with his mature manner and grateful for his dedication.  His intuition, intelligence, and competence are ideal qualities for a mentor or teacher.  He always comes prepared, but when confronted by new material, I’ve seen him rapidly master it and then present it in a palatable form that my child can relate to and understand.  He’s gifted, there’s no question.”


“I couldn’t ask for anything more in a tutor than we’ve found in Ryan.  He is the most thoughtful, intelligent, kind, and devoted tutor we’ve ever had for our son who has a combination of learning challenges including ADD-Inattentive Type, anxiety disorder and slow processing speed.  Ryan continues to think about new ways to approach our son’s needs and apply them flexibly, then reports his progress with clarity and insight after each tutoring session.  It’s obvious that Ryan cares deeply about his responsibilities as a tutor, and that he cares about our son as a person, as well as helping our son succeed in school. He not only helps our son with assigned homework in areas like math, but comes up with his own related practices and drills to help our son strengthen fundamentals and build on strengths that will help him move from one step to the next.  Besides all that, my son loves his sessions with Ryan.   I couldn’t recommend him any more highly.  We’ve had a number of other tutors over the years, and Ryan is a standout.”


Supplemental classes taught by our specialists are also offered after camp hours in horseback riding, swimming, and “One on One” sports lessons. Call or email Triple C for more information about tutoring or special classes at  434.293.2529 or email  [email protected].