Dressing for a Day at Camp

A Few Tips to Make it a Great Day

  • Dress your child(ren) in comfortable clothing that can get dirty! TRIPLE C CAMPERS HAVE FUN WHILE GETTING DIRTY.
  • Campers should wear their bathing suit to camp daily, this helps us spend more time swimming each day!
  • We require all campers to wear gym shoes everyday. They are safe for running and the variety of camp activities we enjoy.
  • Please send a bag/backpack daily, clearly marked with first and last name.
  • The bag should contain underwear and clothing to change into after swimming, a towel, hat and sunscreen. The sunscreen must be labeled with camper name, and we suggest it be in a Ziploc type bag. Please apply sunscreen to your camper in the morning and we will reapply throughout the day. Due to allergies and sun sensitivities you must send sunscreen each day.
  • Dress appropriate for weather (i.e. sweaters, sweatshirts for cold windy days-packed if not worn; and a raincoat for rainy days- we have indoor facilities, but we move about camp).
  • If you choose to send insect repellent it must be in lotion form and labeled with your camper’s first & last name.
  • Colt Camp participants will need to bring pants to wear while they ride. We will provide a helmet to each camper to wear for the week. Colt campers may bring their swim suits vs. wearing them in the morning.
    • Triple C Camp has paired with Oliver’s Labels to provide our camp families with personalized labels!  Oliver’s Label’s customized peel and stick, washable, labels are durable, waterproof, and laundry safe!  They have hundreds of options to choose from.

Clothes worn to camp will get dirty! Crafts, dirt, salamanders, camp animals, sweat, lunch, sunscreen, snack and much more will impact clothing.