Health Services

All Triple C Camp staff members are put through First Aid Orientation. Our Health Care Specialists will attend to minor scratches, cuts, and bruises. There is also a Registered Nurse on site. If additional care is needed, campers will be taken to UVA Health System Hospital unless the injured campers group is away from camp. In the case of minor illness, we will make your child comfortable and call you to arrange a pick up at camp. If parents intend for someone other than persons mentioned on the Registration Form to pick up their child at any time, they must submit the names, addresses, and phone numbers of these individuals to the camp office in writing, via bus mail, email, or fax.

Your Camper’s Health

Communicable diseases and exposure to them is a concern to us in camping. We must follow the Virginia Department of Health’s Communicable Disease Reference Chart For School Personnel, in determining communicable exclusion. If your camper, or any member of your household, is exposed to or contracts a communicable disease during the season you are required to notify us within 24 hours. This communication will allow us to notify the applicable families that may also be affected. Your family will have anonymity.


Except under unusual circumstances medication should not be sent to camp. If medication is to be administered at camp or if an Asthma Inhaler must be kept at camp for emergency purposes, please follow these guidelines:

Prescription and nonprescription medication shall be given only with written authorization from the parent. Medications to be administered for more than three days in a row must be accompanied with a written authorization from the child’s physician and parent. Written authorization must include child’s name, medication name, the dosage amount, the time(s) to be given, authorization names, signatures, and date of authorization. All medications must be in their ORIGINAL CONTAINER with the current prescription label or direction label attached. Medication must be labeled with the child’s name, medication name, the dosage amount and the time or times to be given. No loose or unpackaged meds will be given.