Staff Testimonials

We’ve gotten some wonderful testimonials from former staffers over the years. Here are a few personal words about the Triple C Experience.

Hey Triple C family! Just wanted to give you guys a quick update. I got into the Notre Dame graduate program I was hoping for! It’s a two year program that will have me taking classes towards a Master’s Degree during the summers. During the school year, each graduate student is put into a under-resourced school working full time. I found out yesterday that I’ve been placed in Washington, DC as a 3rd grade teacher! I’m nervous but also super excited about it especially since that’s where my brother is currently working.

Unfortunately, accepting a position in this program means that I won’t be able to come back to Triple C this summer. I’m incredibly happy about the opportunity I have in front of me, but it’s a bittersweet because I was hoping I’d be able to make a return to the friendly confines. I’d certainly love to stop by for a day or two during the summer to hang out when I’m in town. Maybe I’ll even be able to make a guest appearance in the Gaga pit!

I want to thank you guys for everything you have done for me in the past 2 years. I knew that Triple C was going to be a great summer job that I would enjoy each and every day. I also knew it was going to be great experience working with youth. However, I never could have anticipated how much I would grow as a person. Triple C strengthened the content of my character, reaffirmed my goal of working with children for a living, and put me in touch with some of the greatest people I’ll ever meet. Overall the experience was priceless and it’s really hard to put into words how much it meant to me.

I hope everyone there is doing great! I miss you guys and I’ll make sure to stop in and visit when I can!


Thanks again!

-Carrick Sweeney, 2012, 2013.

I don’t mean to brag, but kids routinely tell me that I’m their favorite teacher. I have no doubt in my mind that it’s because I incorporate camp into the classroom whenever possible! Scheduling kid appropriate activities over the Summer really taught me how to set up lesson plans, and I’m always tweaking camp games to make them fit whatever we’re studying. My class is one of the few classes where we get up, run around, dance, and sing!

I will forever be in your and Libby’s debt for shaping me into a person who is capable of actually teaching children and preparing them for the future. The assistant head of school even told me that what made them so interested in me was my camping background.

Hope everyone is doing well, and miss you all!

-Kelsey “Sparkles” (No one here knows that nickname. It makes me sad.)
2009, 2010, 2011.


For me, working at camp this summer was my first proper experience of living away from home and it was an experience that I will never forget.

As an international staff member from a country where summer camps in this manner don’t exist, I felt as if I too was a kid at camp every day, being amazed at what was offered for the campers and the new experiences they had each week.

I loved every aspect of camp, the tall trees, sharing of meals, camp songs, morning opening, afternoon round-up, the camp buses, purple vs. gold, friendship bracelets and so much more!

As the Arts & Crafts specialist I was able to meet and get to know nearly every child at camp whether they were here for one week or the whole summer and that was an aspect that I really loved.  I learned a lot about America, the camp world, and working with children, as well as about myself and my own capabilities over the few months I spent at camp.

Some of my favorite memories were All Camp every Friday when the whole camp would get together for activities, getting to ride a horse, seeing Monticello, and of course having S’mores at the overnights!

I loved my time at Triple C Camp and am so grateful for all the experiences I had there!

-Ellen Ralph, 2016DSCN0901

Hey Triple C!  I miss camp so much.  This past summer was one of my favorite summers of all time.  The Edge program was definitely a perfect fit for me!  Before Summer 2016, I would have said “high school kids are not for me.”  But, the incredibly funny, kind, and thoughtful campers that I crossed paths with changed my mind.  They let me experience a summer full of learning and laughs-the best combination possible.

From van checks, to singing at the top of our lungs, to camping out in the woods, to planning trailblazer choice, to free swim, to a multitude of cheez-its, to playing nuk’em every change we got, those kids made me love being at camp every single day.  And isn’t int wonderful to have a job you love?

I recently took a job teaching 6th grade in Northern Virginia, and I’m happy to say I have found another job that I love just as much as camp.  My golden bandanna with the Triple C logo hangs up behind my desk, and my students even commented on the first day of school! (I LOVE GOLD!)

Triple C will always be with me wherever I go.  Thanks for the endless memories, the friends that I know I’ll stay in touch with for a long time, campers I’ll be forever proud of, and a place to call home away from home.

-Moira, 2015, 2016.moira