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Sióg’s Birthday Week!

July 20, 2016

Hi all,

What an exciting week for the fairy as it was her birthday on Tuesday! She turned 256 fairy years old! Lots of presents were left for the fairy by her door and she celebrated with her friends last night. One camper gave Sióg a birthday cake and tea, her favourite drink! She must have had a great night as there are only crumbs left from the cake! Some groups sang happy birthday to Sióg, Triple C style of course! On Monday we received another letter from the fairy. She described her plans for her birthday and told us more about Fairy Valley, where she lived in Ireland. We learned that she will be returning at the end of the summer as she needs to watch over the children going back to school in September! We hope she had a great birthday and are looking forward to her next letter!

See you next week!


DSCN4384-1 (dragged)

DSCN4385-1 (dragged)