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September 28, 2014

By: “H” Rothenberg Owner/Director

I just realized I have not written a BLOG post since the beginning of camp.  Have we really been that busy that I couldn’t sit down for 20 minutes and share all the haps?  Fortunately, we have Skooby to put up daily videos during the summer and families can see all that is happening at Triple C EVERY DAY!

Camp is a magical place where a day seems like a week, and a week seems like a day.  This is a very strange sensation and I can’t think of too many other places in the world that I could say that about.  The time goes by so fast.  However, we get so much done in a day as we have so many staff and the most amazing campers….it does seem like each day is a week.

As for moving forward, this BLOG post is about a month over due as we have been hosting school groups, corporate groups, scout programs, nature and science activities and so much more.  It’s pretty exciting to get to share our property with so many.  For example, this Saturday, we have Hospice of the Piedmont coming with about 30 children who have had a death in their family.  This is a very therapeutic program that allows Hospice Staff to work with camp staff to give the children a special experience and memories of their loved one in a safe fun environment.

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We are fortunate each fall that many of our summer staff stick around and help us with fall programs.  This fall has been no different.  Ben Ward, Ben Pewton, Jake Woods, Travis Yuille Tom Greenwood, Ian Camper, Ryan Rothenberg, and others have been around camp helping with fall programming.  It is so reassuring to have such professional staff helping us and people who know the camp property and the programs so well.  Of course Shannon Myers our Assistant Director helps me with all these programs and she is such a valuable asset.

As we get deeper into the fall, we will start talking to some of our former campers that were in the EDGE program last fall about coming back to camp as a staff IMG_0076member.  We also here from past staff about their desire to return.  This continues to be a special spot in our hearts as the key to the success of the camp is the Counselors.

As for me and Libby, we want to thank not only the children for an amazing summer of 2014, but the parents who choose to partner with us each year.  It takes a village to raise a child and we are fortunate to be involved in so many children’s lives.  I humbly say, “THANK YOU!”