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Sióg’s last week at Triple C!

August 17, 2016

Hi all!

What an exciting week it has been for the fairy! When I went down to the Loz on Monday, I was amazed to see some of the green rice that I had made over the weekend all spread out around Sióg’s door and all of her ornaments and presents laid out on the rice! Her letter explained to us that she had decided to create a garden for all her ornaments and she wanted to have somewhere for Benny, her pet ant, to play in! Remember last week when she told us she would be competing in the gymnastics? Well she came second in her competition! Fairy Sineád won the gold medal and Sióg told us that she performed an amazing routine and really deserved the gold. Well done to Fairy Sineád! Sióg left us her silver medal in her key jar for all of us to see. Sióg also told us that unfortunately, this is her last week at camp! She has had a fantastic summer here at Triple C and has really enjoyed seeing all the arts and crafts, dress up and other camp activities all summer! The boys and girls in Ireland are starting back school next week and she needs to be back home in time for that to happen! We have loved having Sió g here all summer and will really miss her when she is gone! Thanks to all the boys and girls who have written to her and made things for her all summer long!