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Happy Fall from Triple C!

October 18, 2016

As the leaves start to change color, and the temperature starts to drop, we can’t help but imagine the warmer summer days at camp.  Learning new games, playing GAGA, s’mores, arts & crafts, and making friendships to last a life time!  Camp is a place like no other.

Here are some post camp thoughts from some of our staff–

Ellen (Arts & Crafts Specialist):

ellenFor me, working at camp this summer was my first proper experience of living away from home and it was an experience that I will never forget. As an international staff member from a country where summer camps in this manner don’t exist, I felt as if I too was a kid at camp every day, being amazed at what was on offer for the campers and the new experiences they had each week. I loved every aspect of camp, the tall trees, sharing of meals, camp songs, morning opening, afternoon round-up, school buses, purple vs. gold, friendship bracelets and so much more. As the Arts and Crafts Specialist, I was able to meet and get to know nearly every child at camp whether they were here for one week or the whole summer and that was an aspect that I really loved. I learned a lot about America, the camp world and working with children as well as about myself and my own capabilities over the few months I spent at camp. Some of my favorite memories were All Camp every Friday when the whole camp would get together for activities, the staff horse riding day, seeing Monticello, and of course having s’mores on the overnights! Now that I’m back in Ireland I am progressing through my fourth and final year of my teaching degree and hope to be finished next May. I loved my time at Triple C Camp and am so grateful for all the experiences I had there!

Aoife (Colt Camp Counselor):

aoifeMy summer at Triple C Camp was my best summer so far! From meeting all of my fellow counselors and staff members to working with all of the campers in Colt Camp it was an amazing experience. I have lots of favorite memories but the most rewarding thing for me was seeing the improvement and development in each rider that I had throughout the summer. Since I’ve left Triple C I have traveled along the east coast of the USA, visiting Washington, Boston and New York. I returned home for two weeks and I then moved to Agen in France to become a language assistant in a high school, where I will be helping all of the students to improve their spoken English, I am also looking forward to the chance to travel around Europe while I’m here!

Rohan (Trailblazer Boys Counselor):

rohanThis was my first summer working at Triple C and what an amazing summer it was!  I had an amazing time working there and got to meet loads of new people along the way.  It was such a rewarding experience for us counselors, getting to see a smile on the children’s faces each day.  I’d love to come back and do it all again!


Robin (Trailblazer Boys Counselor):

robinI worked at Triple C for the first time this summer.  It was a fun filled experience that has provided me with many great memories.  I also had the opportunity to work with and meet some amazing people and lifelong friends.  The experience I had has made me want to get back over to the States as soon as possible.  Since I have been home I have been refereeing soccer matches and catching up with other camp counselors. But, I recently applied for a coaching position in America so I hope I can be back over there soon enough!

Megan (Teen Scene Counselor):

meganThis summer at Triple C was as amazing and unique as my past summer at camp.  I enjoyed all of the amazing times with my co-counselors and Teen Scene campers exploring Charlottesville’s parks, trails, and educational attractions.  Our days were always filled with lots of s’mores, silly competitions and constant laughter!


Jessy (Pool/Colt Camp Counselor):

jessyMy summer at Triple C was an unforgettable experience!  I had an amazing time experiencing the American culture and the vibrant children that we work with!  The positive attitude at camp always has you wanting to do your best whilst encouraging that of the campers also.  I have met so many incredible people and lifelong friends; it truly was the best summer of my life!


Moira (Edge Counselor)

moiraHey Triple C! I miss camp so much. This past summer was one my favorite summers of all time. The Edge program was definitely a perfect fit for me. Before summer 2016, I would have said “high school kids are not for me.” But the incredibly funny, kind, and thoughtful campers that I crossed paths with changed my mind. They let me experience a summer full of learning and laughs – the best combination possible. From van checks, to singing at the top of our lungs, to camping out in the woods, to spit tournaments, to planning trailblazer choice, to free swim, to a multitude of cheez-its, to playing nuk’em every chance we got, those kids made me love being at camp every single day. And isn’t it wonderful to have a job you love? Edge – I miss you all! I’m excited to see where you go these next couple of years. I’ll be expecting updates! I’ve absolutely loved watching each and every one of you mature and grow. After the last day of camp, I moved up to Alexandria, Virginia, where I accepted a job teaching 6th grade in Fairfax County Public Schools. We’ve been in school for over a month now, and I’m happy to say I’ve found another job that I love just as much as camp. My golden bandanna with the Triple C logo hangs up behind my desk, and my students even commented on it the first day of school! (I LOVE GOLD!) Triple C will always be with me wherever I go. Thanks for the endless memories, the friends that I know I’ll stay in touch with for a long time, campers I’ll be forever proud of, and a place to call home away from home.