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March 27, 2019

Hello! My name is Max Myers, Assistant Director at Triple C Camp. I am originally from Columbus, Ohio and attended Miami University where I completed my bachelors in adolescent science education. I have worked in Ohio, the Bahamas, California, Wisconsin (and now Virginia!) providing camp and environmental education programs to youth and adults.

I am a dad, and a husband, a messy cook, passionate about the environment, and have a bunch of other hobbies and perspectives.  But first in my mind when I think of who I am, I see myself as a dad. My entire world view changed when my first child was born. I believe it does for most parents and caregivers when they assume the awesome responsibility of supporting a child as they grow, and find their way in the world.  

As my world view became “dad centric” my perspective about the youth I worked with has also changed.  I was once told to imagine that every camper/student was someone from your own family. How would you want them to be treated?  What experience would you want for them? This sentiment really struck me as a way to be more empathetic and present with campers. It also pulled me towards Triple C Camp, where every camper, parent, and staff member becomes a part of the family.  

At camp I want my kids to be safe and to have fun.  I want magical and joyful experiences. I want them to be challenged to think deeply and do something that might feel scary, knowing they have help and support right there. I want my kids to make friends, and to be good friends. I strive to practice empathy and kindness at all times, and help the children I work with to grow more confident.  At Triple C Camp, we aspire for the safest, most fun and joyful experience possible. We are in the business of youth development, it’s why I chose to work at camp. The safe, fun experiences I want for my children, I want for your children too.

I am not perfect, my kids are not perfect, and I don’t expect your kids to be perfect either. You can expect that everyday I will ask myself, “what would I want for my kids?” and will strive to provide that for every child I get the honor to spend time with.

I am excited to meet you this summer as we partner together to give our kids the opportunity to grow in a safe and fun environment.  You can always give me a call 434.293.2529 or stop by camp to chat, I’d love to hear about your camper!