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November 6, 2018

Camp is about fun, learning, being outdoors, and making friends to last a lifetime! We see these friendships blossom among our campers each summer and watching them continue those friendships for years is worth those hot and humid camp days! And, while this happens for our campers, these friendships also form among our staff.

Each summer, approximately 30% of our camp counselors come from abroad. From countries across the world such as Australia and New Zealand, to a bit closer in Mexico. These staff, along with our staff from the States, work together each day to grow and develop our campers, and while that is happening, they grow and develop friendships among themselves.

As a staff member going on my 13th year, and as a camper for 7 years before that, I have experienced numerous of these friendships, and many continue to go strong to this day. It is because of these friendships, which all started at Triple C, I can travel the world and get to see people, see their culture, and experience their lifestyles! As a matter of fact, as I type this, our Owners and Directors, Libby and “H” are Down Under in Australia and New Zealand with a plan to visit 20+ staff. All of whom have worked at camp over the past 19 summers. (See some photos below!)

Friendships lead to adventure, and adventures lead to lasting memories. At Triple C, we strive to create those adventures and memories for our campers and staff while they are here at camp, and help build those friendships so that those adventures and memories can keep going for years on end.