Our Staff




Dan Allinson

Dan is back from England for his 3rd year at Triple C this summer. He is a strong member of the Gold Team and burrito enthusiast! He loves his sports (both playing and supporting) especially football, cricket, golf and basketball.

DSCN0185Jenny Belling

Jenny is a rising freshman at Christopher Newport University with intentions of studying biology. Reigning from Crozet, Virginia she loves being outside, playing softball, and spending time with children. When away from camp she doodles and paints!

DSCN0189Julie Belling

Julie is studying in Philadelphia with a major in Psychology and a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. During the spring, she volunteers with Habitat for Humanity. You will probably find Julie swimming or kayaking outside of camp life!

DSCN0157Anna Camper

Finishing up her first year at the University of Mary Washington, ‘AK’ is doing a double major in Math and Computer Science. She is a member of her school’s rowing team and has previously involved herself in volleyball, choir and participated in her high school’s spring musicals!

DSCN0133Robin Carr

Expected to be a success this year with the Staff Soccer team, Robin has made his way over from Scotland to join Triple C! Back home, he thoroughly enjoys sports and fitness and is a fully qualified Football referee (soccer).

DSCN0123Joy Carveth

Joy loves being outside, hiking, running and exploring which is perfect for camp! She is a bundle of fun and feeds off the excitement from her campers. It is her 7th year on staff and is part of the Leadership Team. From the animal kingdom, she has particular favoritism towards cows and turtles.

DSCN0164Hannah Ciucas

Back for her 3rd year as staff for Triple C, Hannah is more than excited to make new friends this summer! As a rising senior in High School, she keeps herself extra busy with her position as a student athletic trainer in sports medicine.

DSCN0122Aoife (Eefah) Crotty

It’s a long way to Tipperary… Ireland that is! Aoife has made that journey to join the team this year. As an instructor of 4 years, and competing in dressage and show-jumping competitions, she will be joining the campers and horses at the barn.

DSCN0114Vickkey Dickens

Most people know this girl as Giggles because she LOVES to laugh! A special education teacher during the year, Vickkey is excited to be back at Triple C this summer. She loves being outdoors, on the ropes course and challenging herself to try new things.

DSCN0129Anna Dinwiddie

A full time Teaching Assistant for a College Readiness System, please welcome Anna! She enjoys running, outdoor activities including hiking, and spending time with her Black Lab named Dewars!

DSCN0111Jordan Earl

An adventurer at heart, Jordan is back from the land down under for her 2nd year at Triple C. While it was a fantastic summer last year at the pool, with the Edge and working Year Round Programs, this year she is the IT Specialist!

DSCN0186Abigail Faust

A camper at Triple C since she was 6 years old, Abby has joined the staff this year for the first time! Her passions lie with science, outdoors, photography and is an avid volleyball player and varsity swimmer.

DSCN0187Sarah Frank

Sarah’s hobbies include running and spending time with her friends and family (especially her dog). She grew up in Utah and loves to ski and hike. OBSESSED with Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift she will make a great addition this summer!

DSCN0161Clara Gilliam

Clara loves to sing and dance! Her big interests include getting outdoors and being one with nature. The fact that she can share that passion with children makes the experience of camp even better! In the fall/spring, she is a nursing student.

DSCN0120Daga Gladys

All the way from Poland, Daga has joined the Triple C team this year and will be working with the horses! Ask her about the 5 languages she knows! Apart from horses, she is a self-proclaimed bookaholic and enjoys music and the outdoors.

DSCN0195Tom Greenwood

A very outgoing and happy personality, we’re happy to welcome back Tom after his short hiatus from the Triple C Team! He loves his sports and his energy brings healthy competition to the game.

DSCN0134Dre Harris

He uses the height of his hair and great skills to play his favorite sport – BASKETBALL! Everyone welcome Dre for his first summer at Triple C.

DSCN0115Megan Harris

Megan has just graduated from UVA in Elementary school teaching and Special Education. She loves the outdoors, playing sports and reading. It’s certainly exciting to have her back for her second summer and being with Teen Scene.

DSCN0147Matthew Headon

From a small town in Australia we welcome Matt for his first summer at Triple C! Growing up in a town of just 5000 people he loves exploring new places and meeting new people. He has a strong passion for sports and is involved with the Australian Football League back home. In the late ’00s he rocked a ’70s afro.

DSCN2096Jonathan “Hooch” Heuchert

We welcome Hooch back for his 5th summer! His favorite thing to do is dress-up like a bumblebee. When not at camp, Hooch is playing college football at Randolph-Macon!

DSCN0168 Jessy Ion

A fun kiwi (New Zealand) girl, Jessy loves playing and coaching sports. She is the eldest grandchild in her family! In her spare time she is a Les Mills instructor and a fitness enthusiast. You may even see her doing some bear crawls on the Teen Scene Court in the evenings.

DSCN0194Max Jenkins

A past camper himself, Max has returned this summer to join the Colt Camp team! He loves his sports including cricket, baseball, basketball, football, soccer and rugby and has been part of a band since 5th grade. Welcome back Max!

DSCN0160Morgan Jones

A former camper herself, Morgan loves Triple C so much to not come back as a counselor – so she has for the summer of 2016! She plays varsity volleyball and varsity lacrosse. She is VERY excited to work with some fellow counselors she has grown up getting to know!

DSCN0152Henry Keith

Henry is back this year full of energy and excitement and is ready for the summer ahead! He was a previous camper and has great knowledge and experience around the grounds of camp.

DSCN0154Sean Kirkpatrick

This gentleman performs one of the BEST renditions of ‘Herman the Worm’ anyone has EVER heard (ask your campers)! Sean has just graduated from Longwood University with a Bachelor of Arts. Sean made sure he was back for camp this year after studying abroad!

DSCN0188Amber Knight

A local from the Scottsville area, Amber is currently a nursing student at James Madison University. Having past experience in the Teen Scene and archery range, she certainly is excited about coming back to Triple C this summer to become an assistant nurse and general camp support!

DSCN0193Emily Kostanecki

A student at Georgetown University, Emily grew up in Charlottesville and knows camp well! She was a camper herself for 8 years and this is her 5th summer as a counselor. Favorite activities of hers include attending the Triple C soccer matches, playing in the rain, meeting new people and proudly sporting the color PURPLE!

DSCN0374Nastya Kozhevnikova

Coming in all the way from Russia, Nastya has joined our support crew for the summer! Her favorite animal is the Arctic Fox – they are so cute! She is studying International Relations to learn different cultures and become familiar with foreign languages. She loves playing sports like volleyball, ice-skating, skiing and hiking!

DSCN0162Jessica Lane

Jessica is currently attending PVCC and is planning on transferring to James Madison University in the fall of 2017. She has three siblings, her favorite sport is field hockey and Mexican food is definitely her weakness.

DSCN0151Emma Langsam

Emma has been a former camper since the age of four and comes straight from the Edge program. She is super excited to be a part of the counselor crew this year. An avid soccer player and swimmer, Emma’s enthusiasm for sport is sure to be a hit this summer!

DSCN0124 Terri LaRue

Returning for her 6th year as a counselor it’s Terri! She is a part of the Leadership Team this year. She is a junior majoring in English at the University of Mary Washington and is excited to be back this summer singing with her groups once more!

DSCN0378Anthony Lee

Anthony grew up in the Albemarle County and his favorite sport is basketball! He recently graduated from high school and is excited about starting college in the fall!

DSCN0182Moira Lennon

Recently graduated from University of Virginia with a Masters in Elementary education Moira is returning for her second year at Triple C before she moves to the Fairfax County to teach 6th graders. A part of the Leadership Team – she loves to sing, Whip AND Nae Nae and drink iced coffee!

DSCN2097Cory Lesher

Cory has just finished his second year studying economics at the University of Pennsylvania. His spirit animal is a one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple-people eater. This is his 4th year on staff and 13th year at camp!

DSCN0155TJ Lobban

TJ studies politics at Winchester University back in England. He is a massive sports fan who enjoys soccer the most! He has been playing it since he was 5 years old! Other hobbies include listening to music and spending time with his pals. Welcome to Triple C TJ!

DSCN0163Mary Lothamer

A former camper for about 10 years, Mary has joined the Triple C staff this year! She loves the fact she can create the fun for kids that she got to enjoy growing up as a camper herself for many years.

DSCN0181Cat Maguire

A science and nature geek her whole life, we welcome Cat as our new Nature specialist! She loves adventures and has driven in all 48 contiguous US states. This woman eats EVERYTHING except raw onions!

DSCN0191 Kasey Massih

From Melbourne, Australia and returning to Triple C for her 4th summer is Kasey! She’s back at the barn this year for more horsey adventures and to be a part of the Leadership Team! Apart from the horses, she loves travelling, eating chocolate and sing-alongs to some great tunes.

DSCN0376Karolina Marek

Assisting with all of your food needs this summer is Karolina! She has come in from Poland with a big smile on her dial and ready for all the fun that is inbound at Triple C.

DSCN0128Steve McCann

I WANNA BE LIKE STEVE MCCANN! Coming back from Scotland for his second summer is Steve McCann. His favorite sport is soccer and we’re excited to see all his skills back on the field for the staff games. On a recent holiday, Steve acquired qualifications that enable him to scuba dive up to 30 meters anywhere around the world.

DSCN0198Mecaila McClune

A student at Elon University studying Biochemistry, Mecaila has been at Triple C since she was 5 years old. She loves the energy and excitement of every summer she just can’t stay away!

DSCN0132Will Mews

Will loves exploring the great outdoors and learning about natural sciences! He can count to ten in 5 different languages, and practices yoga. He is looking forward to having tons of fun this summer with all the children at Triple C Camp!

DSCN0183Emily Missana

She’s known for her soccer skills on the field – everybody meet Emily! She has come from the Edge program to be a counselor this summer and we’re so excited to have her! Outside of camp she is likely to be hanging out with friends and family.

DSCN0178Michelle Moore

Another first year member of the Triple C Crew it’s Michelle! We’re excited to have this beautiful smile radiate around with the Art & Drama campers! Her energy is one to get the everyone excited!

DSCN0158Phoebe Nash

A Junior at Roanoke College studying English/Creative Writing, Phee is back this year for more fun with the Pioneers and on the Pantops bus! She loves hiking and playing rugby on the Women’s Roanoke College Rugby team.DSCN0431Cazzie Olko

Cazzie just finished his sophomore year doing Jazz studies at Christopher Newport University. In his free time he enjoys surfing, hiking and spending time outside!

DSCN0169Callie Pace

Callie will be at the pools this year! She is a junior at Denison University in Ohio although she is originally from Charlottesville. She enjoys playing rugby and isn’t bragging or anything, but she CAN eat a whole extra large pizza in one sitting!

DSCN0180Will Patrick

He’s a senior in graphic design at Radford University, Virginia, he LOVES cartoons, animations, video games AND music… everybody meet Will!

DSCN0150Jonathan Peterson

Having some of the best summers of his life here at Triple C, JP has returned as a counselor! He taught himself some basics on the banjo in high school and is now studying English and Philosophy at Penn State University.

DSCN0196Ellen Ralph

Ellen has come from Ireland for her first summer at camp! Back home she currently studies Primary School education. Outside of college she enjoys arts and crafts, reading and occasionally horse riding and meeting up with her friends!

DSCN0136Andy Riddler

One of the youngest finishers of the 2014 Richmond Marathon we welcome back Andy ‘Puddin’ Riddler to camp for his 3rd summer. He LOVES his sports – anything from basketball to hockey! In the fall, he will be part of Honors College at VCU!

DSCN0373Emma Ross

Emma hails from the hobbit lands of New Zealand! She loves being outdoors and learning new things! She is studying a Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Teaching with only one more year to go! She thought this would be the perfect time to get out of her home country, stretch her legs and see the world.

DSCN0109Eryn Rothenberg

Princess of the office is Miss Eryn! There’s not much around Triple C that this girl hasn’t been a part of! She loves her basketball and even interned for the Washington Mystics during her college time at George Mason University. She wears the Purple color PROUDLY!

DSCN0130 Jennifer Schnelle

A graduating senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a BS in Zoology and English. She’s currently coaching volleyball for a club team in the area. This year is her third year on staff and she will be with the Great Outdoors campers! She hopes to pursue a career in environmental education after camp.

DSCN0142Sam Smith

One of the kings of GAGA ball around camp, Sam is returning for his 6th exciting summer! This guy is full of energy and enthusiasm, which is absolutely contagious to his campers. He also loves his sushi!

DSCN0107Bill Southern

Bill is experiencing his first summer here at Triple C. He is finishing up his first year at university back home in England where he studies Geography. Last summer he spent time visiting such places as Barcelona, Berlin and Milan.

DSCN0140Rohan Sultana

Aussie pride shines through with this first year staff member. Rohan comes from Melbourne and loves all things sport including football and snowboarding! He is a very outgoing person who enjoys a good laugh with his mates!

DSCN0143Jamie Turner

Returning from the south of England is Jamie Turner! This will be his third year at Triple C. Although previously holding the Sports Specialist title, this year he’s switching things up and hanging out with the Sports & Games campers! He is very passionate about health, fitness and nutrition. Having said that, he loves his food, especially a big greasy cheeseburger!


Michelle Wareing

All the way from England is Michelle! This woman is ALWAYS smiling and has brought her bubbly personality to Triple C this summer. Her philosophy is that sarcasm is the highest form of wit.

DSCN0179Casey White

Casey or ‘Cosmo’ as we like to call him is a self-diagnosed cheese addict. He loves the outdoors especially when he is kayaking, canoeing or sailing. He has a wacky personality, which is very contagious and is known to wear excessive war paint during games of Capture the Flag.

DSCN0174Reece Wiebel

Reece is always smiling and laughing! A former Edge camper we welcome her to her first year as staff for Triple C. She loves playing field hockey, singing, running and drawing.

DSCN0192 Travis Yuille

He is a master on the challenge course and at impersonating a South African, oh wait, he IS a South African! He is back for his 6th year at Triple C and is on the Leadership Team! Back home Travis is an adventure guide loving his zip lines, mountain scooters and river rafting! Ole.

Counselors from all over the world

Since 1999 we have been working with dedicated and enthusiastic staff including international staffCollege students, educators and coaches who come from across the United States and around the world. The diversity amongst our staff makes fantastic learning experiences for our participants. What makes us different or the same is a lesson for anyone, young or old. Come play with us!

Learning to be great counselors


At Triple C, our staff are our most valuable resource. Many return each year domestic and abroad. Chosen for their expertise and maturity, our staff are committed to helping every camper enjoy their days and grow as individuals during their experiences at Triple C Camp.

Staff spend a full week learning all that makes Triple C Camp special.  Risk Management, safety procedures, positive discipline, creek time, the ropes course, soccer dodge ball, chill out time, and so much more. Our staff have the opportunity to experience an overnight in the same format as our campers.

The experiential component of our training week make for a great understanding of the growth and developmental needs of our campers.

Safety & screening

Safety is the most important thing at camp. Since our staff are the key to the success of the summer, preparing and training our staff is of the utmost importance.

Every staff member goes through a detailed interview process which includes an application, phone interview, in person interview, reference checks, back ground checks, follow up interview questions and a visit to the property to meet in person when and where possible.

Resumes often indicate skill sets which must be demonstrated and evaluated to camp leadership before participating or leading our campers.

We believe that children are the most important thing in their parents lives and we take the responsibility of being a staff member at Triple C seriously, with a lot of FUN!

Once meeting Triple C staff, you will quickly realize the high caliber of person that is caring for and helping grow and develop your child. If there is ever a time that you would like to know more about our hiring process, please never hesitate to call and ask: 434.293.2529434.293.2529 or email: [email protected]

Interested in Becoming a Counselor?

If you have experience working with children or in the Great Outdoors, this could be the perfect job for you. We are outside all the time! We play, develop, and grow right along with our participants.

Come be a part of the team!

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